Difference between regular pedicure Vs spa pedicure

A pedicure can be done to keep your legs clean. They will remove the dead cells and also make your nails to come into shape. You can even do them when you are being at home but the pedicure done at home will differ from the pedicure that is done in a spa. There are some of the difference between pedicure and spa pedicure which will be explained in the following points. Continue reading

Difference between fingernail clippers and toenail clippers

Clippers are used to cut the nails in the particular shape which you wish to have. There will be mechanical sheers in it to cut the nail. You can cut the nail with different styles. They will cut your nail sharply and perfectly. Before you apply them to the nail you should know about the basic working principle of it if not then they will damage your skin. Continue reading

Tools that are present in a manicure kit

A manicure will make your hands look good especially your nail areas. This will help you to trim the extra grown nails making it be in a good shape and applying some of the colors to show them bright. You can find a lot of tools in manicure in which each of them will play their role in shaping. Continue reading

What are all the things included in a spa day?

Having a good spa will make you get relaxed and they sometimes act as a stress reliever. Before you select the spa treatment you should be very careful in the selection process. There are many spas available in the market it is not that every treatment center will provide you with the best service. Continue reading

Role of the spa in your healthy life

Like exercise and other body-related activities to keep your body healthy, the spa is also one of the things that can help you in the maintenance of your health. The spa can encompass multiple numbers of services and that starts from the facial to the pedicures and manicures. Continue reading

Different between the clipper and trimmer

Mostly the men make use of trimers to trim their beard it is very common and it is done to maintain a decent look. For some men, the trimmers are very helpful in the plucking of their ingrown hair and most especially they are designed for the sensitive skin to keep their shaving safe. Continue reading

Guide to cut your hair with the clippers

The hair clippers are used to cut the human hairs and the working principles are the same as the scissors. You can use the hair of both the men and women using the clippers. Several peoples make use of these clippers to cut them and when it comes to the majority the men prefer the clippers than the women. Continue reading