Different between the clipper and trimmer

Mostly the men make use of trimers to trim their beard it is very common and it is done to maintain a decent look. For some men, the trimmers are very helpful in the plucking of their ingrown hair and most especially they are designed for the sensitive skin to keep their shaving safe. Continue reading

Guide to cut your hair with the clippers

The hair clippers are used to cut the human hairs and the working principles are the same as the scissors. You can use the hair of both the men and women using the clippers. Several peoples make use of these clippers to cut them and when it comes to the majority the men prefer the clippers than the women. Continue reading

Tips to last long your acrylic nails

The acrylic nails are one of the trends setting the thing in these recent days among the youth peoples. The acrylic nails are the combination of the two products they are liquid monomer and the powdered polymer. They are coated over the nail and later the nail polish will be added to it. Continue reading