Tools that are present in a manicure kit

A manicure will make your hands look good especially your nail areas. This will help you to trim the extra grown nails making it be in a good shape and applying some of the colors to show them bright. You can find a lot of tools in manicure in which each of them will play their role in shaping.

So you have to select the one which you think will match your hands. There will be many collections in that kit that will start from the little bit cutting of the nail till the shaping of the hair. if you think to buy them you have the basic knowledge on how to use them. If you have no idea how to use them then it is bad luck for you to buy it.

In that kit there will be many manicure tools names and uses if you like to know about them then continue reading:


The brush is used in the manicure to clean the things from different angles. There are different types of brushes available in the kit.

  • Striper brush
  • Angled brush
  • Fan brush
  • Detail brush


The most important thing that has to be present in the kit compulsorily is the sponge. To create the splatter, the sponges are used in this also you can find different types of sponges. These sponges will make the color to get the blend and will create a clinching effect on your nail.

Cuticle nipper:

You should not cut the live cuticle skin. The skin which is present around your nail will act as a barrier to your nails. If you cut them open, they will cause some of the infections. In case of that issue, you can use the cuticle nipper to cut the dead skin which is hanging from the nail.

Nail art pens:

The nail art pens will be helpful to show your nail with additional artwork than the nail polish. You can attach them using the stickers or you may even draw some of the designs on them. The stickers will come in a variety of colors you can select the one that suits your skin and the color of the nail polish.

Final thoughts:

These are the few things will be present in nail care tools. You have to make use of them in the right way. They may be quite expensive so know how to use them before you use them.