The mystery behind the health risks of acrylic nails

The acrylic nails are the combinations of the powder polymer and the liquid monomer. Usually, they will create a very hard protective layer over your natural nails. The acrylic components get very harder when they get exposed to the hair.

They are the very transparent component and over this acrylic layer, the nail polish will be added later. This is one of the trend-setting things in recent years through this they make their nails colorful and they are considering it as their fun way to relax and get the feel of pampered.

The research says you can get cancer from acrylic nails because this is one of the chemical substances.

health risks

The main health risks of the nail salons:

Hazardous chemicals- in general, the exposure to the toxic solvents like toluene that is found in the nail polish can damage your natural nails. Often making use of nail products like nail polish remover that can lead you to serious health issues.

And additional them they also have the potential to cause irritations and allergic reactions. The acrylic nails increase skin cancer when you use a heavy amount of acrylic nails over your nails.

There is an increased chance to get cancer because of acrylic nails because there are incorporated with a variety of amount of chemicals in it.

Several chemicals that are incorporated into the nail polishes are the carcinogens and they also include the chemicals like formaldehyde that is the nail hardening agent and it also acts as the disinfectants for your nail care tools.

The butyl acetate and ethyl methacrylate are some of the most important ingredients of the acrylic nails.

Try to avoid the over usage of acrylic nails over the natural nails and it is the serious carcinogenic agent that can lead to getting skin cancer.